Quase 1000 candidatos buscam oportunidade

Há 10 anos, muitos céticos à inovação falavam que precisávamos mais precisão na agricultura e não de Agricultura de Precisão (AP). Era uma crítica à tecnologia emergente ainda pouco difundida que utilizava do sistema de posicionamento geográfico (GPS) para localizar, mapear e corrigir manchas de acidez e nutrientes em lavouras do Brasil. 

Os cursos de Agronomia relutaram em alterar suas grades curriculares para incluir a nova temática. Hoje a realidade é outra. Há uma grande demanda do mercado por profissionais com conhecimentos básicos e avançados em ferramentas tecnológicas como a Agricultura de Precisão e também agora Agricultura Digital, as quais permitem aumentar a eficiência produtiva das fazendas em mais de 20%.

A Drakkar, empresa pioneira em Agricultura de Precisão no Sul do Brasil e hoje com 16 sedes pelo Brasil, participou desde o início da curva de adoção tecnológica que custou a “mortandade” de mais de 50% das empresas prestadoras deste serviço no Brasil até 2012. Com a maturação da tecnologia e adaptações à realidade das fazendas, projetos como o da Drakkar, conseguiram entregar resultados e prosperar tornando a Agricultura de Precisão a “prima rica” da Agricultura Digital e prometendo mapear 80% das áreas de grãos do Brasil até 2025.

“Para esse desafio, iniciamos mais uma seleção de talentos e estamos muito contentes em receber 933 candidatos em 30 dias para as 42 vagas abertas para compor nosso time em 2020. É uma média de 22,2 candidatos/vaga. Sem dúvida, são números que demonstram o interesse de jovens profissionais em trabalhar com tecnologia e o crescimento do mercado da Agricultura de Precisão nos próximos anos”, ressalta o presidente da Drakkar, Alan Acosta.

“Agradecemos a todos os candidatos que se candidataram. Aos que serão selecionados para as entrevistas, parabéns por passarem em uma seleção tão concorrida e, aos futuros contratados, damos a certeza de estarem ingressando em uma empresa moderna, com contínuo aprendizado e retenção de mais de 80% dos talentos”, enfatiza o analista de recursos humanos da empresa Luiz Fellipe Dorneles.

Para os interessados, ainda há tempo. As inscrições acabam em 20 de outubro de 2019. Saiba mais em www.drakkar.com.br.

Magnific Popup: Responsive jQuery Lightbox Plugin

Magnific Popup is a responsive lightbox & dialog script with focus on performance and providing best experience for user with any device
(for jQuery or Zepto.js).


Single image lightbox

Three simple popups with different scaling settings.
1 — fits horizontally and vertically,
2 — only horizontally,
3 — no gaps, zoom animation, close icon in top-right corner.

Lightbox gallery

You may put any HTML content in each gallery item and mix content types. In this example lazy-loading of images is enabled for the next image based on move direction. If you wish to add touch-swipe support, check my article on the Smashing Magazine, or new PhotoSwipe script.


If you wish to open the popup only after image is fully loaded, you may preload image via JS. Or use scaled down image instead of thumbnail. Zoom effect works only with images, for now.

Popup with video or map

In this example lightboxes are automatically disabled on small screen size and default behavior of link is triggered.

Dialog with CSS animation

Animations are added with simple CSS transitions, you can make them look however you wish.
More animation effects on CodePen.

Open with fade-zoom animation
Open with fade-slide animation

Dialog example

This is dummy copy. It is not meant to be read. It has been placed here solely to demonstrate the look and feel of finished, typeset text. Only for show. He who searches for meaning here will be sorely disappointed.

Popup with form

Entered data is not lost if you open and close the popup or if you go to another page and then press back browser button.

Open form


Lightbox has an option to automatically focus on the first input. It's strongly recommended to use inline popup type for lightboxes with form instead of ajax (to keep entered data if the user accidentally refreshed the page).

Ajax popup

You have full control of what is displayed in popup, align it to any side via CSS, enable or disable scroll on right side of window - whatever.

Modal popup

A modal popup disables the usual ways to close popups.

Open modal

Modal dialog

You won't be able to dismiss this by usual means (escape or click button), but you can close it programatically based on user choices or actions.


Error handling

This is just basic example of how error messages are displayed. Surely, you can change text or style them.

Don't forget to check out my new article about this plugin on the Smashing Magazine.

What makes this plugin different?

Light and modular

You can choose to include only the features that you need using the online build tool or by compiling it yourself with Grunt.js. Size of core JS file is about 3KB + each module weighs about 0.5KB (gzipped). Sass CSS preprocessor is used for easier skinning, but you're not obligated to use it.

Content is resized with CSS

The majority of lightbox plugins require you to define size of it via JS option. Magnific Popup does not - feel free to use relative units like EM's or resize lightbox with help of CSS media queries. Update content inside lightbox without worrying about how it'll resize and center.


Magnific Popup displays images before they're completely loaded to take full advantage of progressive loading. For in and out transitions CSS3 is used instead of slow JavaScript animation.

High-DPI (Retina) display support

Default controls are made with pure CSS, without external graphics. For the main image there is a built in way to provide appropriate source for different pixel density displays.

Conditional lightbox

Plugin has an option to automatically switch to alternative mobile-friendly source on small screen size. Brad Frost has a terrific article about this technique.

Memory management

Popup has an extendable micro templating engine that reuses existing DOM elements (example), which is especially useful when your popups same pattern.

Magnific WordPress Plugin is under development!

To get notified about the release, subscribe to my Mailchimp list that I send 3-4 times a year. Any feature requests are welcome.

Browser support

Tested on desktop: Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, IE8+, partial support of IE7 (works, but some visual layout features, like vertical centering, are missing). Mobile: default browser in Android 2.3+, iOS5+, Blackberry 10+, WP7+, mobile Opera and Chrome on Android. If you noticed any bug, please open an issue on GitHub


Script is available under MIT license and will always be kept this way.
But please do me a favor and do not create a public WordPress plugin based on it, because I will make it soon and it will be open souce too. (Want to get notified?).

Bugs & contributing

Please report bugs via GitHub and ask general questions through StackOverflow. Feel free to submit commit, even the tiniest contributions to the script or to the documentation are very welcome.

Special thanks to:


If you wish to get notified about important plugin updates, you may star and watch the repository on GitHub, follow me on Twitter, or join my tiny Mailchimp email newsletter that I send 3-4 times a year.

Magnific Popup v1.1.0 Build Tool

Here you can generate optimized version of main JS file. Please note that CSS you should download directly: Sass version or CSS version.

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